A New Perspective on Capernwray Hall

We are pleased to present you with a unique view on Capernwray Hall taken from the air. All this footage was captured by one of our Bible School students, Daniel Moser. Daniel, from Switzerland, studied on our One Year School programme and has now left to work as a pilot for Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Thankfully he practiced some of his piloting skills as he flew around the Hall capturing footage with his drone during his time here. We think it gives a great new perspective on the place and shows the Hall from some angles you might not have seen before. Hope you enjoy it too!

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  • maira wilding queno

    What a lovely view !!! Thank you for sharing !! May our Lord continue to bless those who work and those who study there!

  • Alistair McPherson (Alumnus, 88/89)

    How lovely to see!

  • Philip Kerr

    Beautiful … but too short! I found myself just recognising features before the scene changed. For example, the new conference centre appeared and then disappeared before I could integrate my perceptions.
    Such a wonderful and impressive place. The courtyard was only cobbles when Ruth and I were there. So much the same and many changes … is there still a swimming pool?
    Love and Best wishes,
    Philip & Ruth Kerr (Winter School, 1979).

    • Capernwray Hall

      Philip – thank you for your comments and apologies for the quick scene changes in places. Daniel has put an extended version on YouTube if you want to see a little bit more of the footage he got. If you search for Capernwray Hall Extended Cut you should be able to find it.

      In answer to your question, yes there is still a swimming pool but it is now housed in a different building. The old swimming pool is now our sports hall. If you have a look at the facilities page on either the Bible School Menu or the Holidays menu you will find some pictures of what it all looks like now.

  • Dan McLaughlin

    Wow…this is really beautiful, and wonderfully nostalgic. I (Dan McLaughlin) and my wife (Connie Calvert McLaughlin) met here in 1976, and both made many good friends, many of whom we are still in contact with today. Capernwray will always be dear to our hearts. Thank you for the work you all do to keep it going so others can have their own Caperwray experience today! God bless you!!

  • Peter Hansen

    Rekindled memories of a special place that changed my life forever. Every blessing. Peter Hansen, Winter/Spring School 1970-71.

  • Nick Pettingale

    I was at Capernwray in ’76-’77 and this brought back some very precious memories – thanks Daniel

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