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I’ll never forget the impact the sign made! It was propped up on top of a pile of soda cans, and at first I thought it was pretty rude. In fact, I thought it was telling me to get out of the supermarket at the earliest opportunity and through the nearest available exit. But then I looked again, and realised that “BOGOF!” was giving me a great offer – buy one can and we’ll give you another completely free of charge. Obviously, the manufacturers thought they had a great product that everybody needed to try. And, having tried it, they hoped they would come back and buy more.

Here in Bible School, we feel exactly the same about our Winter School and our Spring School. We would love you to try it and see how awesome it is. Our hope is, that having “tasted”, you’ll want to come, at a later date, to either Winter or Spring or both.

So, we are re-introducing our “Taster Week” programme. The idea is that you choose from one of the weeks below, and come at minimal expense to yourself, to see what a typical week is like. If, while you are with us, you want to meet some students and chat to them … fine. If you want to meet a staff member and talk… that’s great. But, if all you want to do is keep a low profile and enjoy a week of lectures, that is absolutely OK as well. There will be no pressure to sign you up, but obviously if you like what you see and want to come to a future bible school, we will be delighted.

The offer is limited to one Taster Week only per person. You can choose a week either from Winter School or a week from Spring School (see below for dates), but not both. Money wise, all we ask for is a contribution of £50 for the time you are here. If you enrol for Bible School in the following two years, we will deduct that contribution from your fees.

We look forward to seeing you soon

Rob Whittaker
Bible School Principal

25th – 29th October (Week 5)

Stuart and Jill Briscoe: International Christian leaders
Rob Whittaker: Personal Evangelism.

17th – 22nd January (Week 14)

Ian Leitch: Apologetics
Rob Whittaker: Abraham.
Kim Lee: World Religions

24th – 29th April (Week 2)

Peter Reid: Joshua
John Allan: Authority and Inspiration of Scriptures



Please complete the form below and click submit. In the message section please provide your date of birth, gender, any dietary requirements* and your intended dates/times of your arrival and departure**.

* We can cater for vegetarians and will try to cater for medically essential diets whenever possible if we are given details in advance of your visit.
** If you travel by train or bus, we can pick you up from Carnforth. If you wish to arrive Sunday, it would be helpful if you could get here before 5 p.m.

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