Deepen your relationship with the Lord Jesus by taking time out to study his Word in this beautiful part of North-West England.


Our desire at Capernwray Bible School is to provide an environment where people of all ages can discover, develop or reignite a living relationship with the Lord Jesus. We know that this relationship is the only true foundation for life and our desire is that people understand and experience this reality and have their lives changed forever. Consequently former students, from all the over the world, say that the time they spent at Capernwray was the most transforming time of their Christian life. So many of them have come to Capernwray Bible School and encountered Jesus in a real way and left here better equipped to serve. This is why we can continue to boldly claim that Capernwray is a place where God changes lives. We invite you to come and experience this unique environment and give God the opportunity to change your life forever.

  • I came to Capernwray to affirm God’s will over my life, to meet and fellowship with Christians from different cultures and to learn from lecturers experienced in the Christian faith. At Capernwray you learn about Christ in theoretical and practical ways; you learn the facts in lectures and you experience Christ’s life through the members of staff, lecturers and student body. Every moment at Capernwray is a learning moment and an opportunity to be changed forever.

    Stevo Kamau
    Stevo Kamau One Year School
  • God changed my life at Capernwray Hall. While reflecting on my time there, I’ve come to the realisation that I think I learned more about my faith and grew up in more ways than one, as a result of Capernwray. It’s hard to explain, it sounds silly when I say it out loud or write it down. But anyway, this place changed my life, and I thank God for that every day.

    Katie Taylor
    Katie Taylor Winter School

Do you want to experience Bible School for yourself but are not yet ready to commit to a full programme? Then why not try one of our Taster Weeks. You will get access to all the teaching sessions and have the opportunity to participate in every aspect of student life.

We run two programmes throughout the year, Winter School and Spring School. Many of our students choose to combine both of these programmes and enrol on our ‘One Year School’.


One Year School is a great opportunity to spend nine months dedicated to deepening your relationship with Jesus and developing your biblical knowledge. You will essentially combine our two separate programmes, Winter School and Spring School, to produce a single combined programme of study.

During your time at Capernwray you will be completing two courses of study, which largely run in parallel. One course is external and validated by NCFE. The other course leads to the award of the Capernwray Hall Bible School Certificate. These courses will be fully explained in the early days of Bible School and are fully explained in the Course Handbook, which you will receive upon arrival.

During Winter School you will be enrolled with NCFE on Capernwray Bible School’s Foundations in Christian Life and Service course and in Spring School on the Principles in Christian Life and Service course. The courses undertaken at Capernwray are accepted at some schools in North America and other countries around the world, and your portfolio of completed work will be a valuable asset to take on to any further studies. A transcript of studies is also issued at the completion of the course.


  • 2017-18 (One Year School)
    23 Sept 2017 – 8 June 2018*

* individually Winter School runs from 23 September 2017 to 16 March 2018 and costs £6250. Spring School runs from 14 April to 8 June 2018 and costs £2270.


We aim to cover a wide variety of biblical books and theological topics during the course. Please note that the titles listed below are used as an illustration. Due to the availability of lecturers and Bible teachers the topics and titles are subject to change.

Introduction to the Bible
OldTestament Survey
Genesis – Early life of Abraham
1 Samuel
Song of Solomon
Highlights from Isaiah

New Testament Survey
Matthew 5-7 (Sermon on the Mount)
Luke’s Gospel
John 14-17 (Upper Room Discourse)
Acts 1-12
1 & 2 Corinthians
1 Timothy
1 John

Facing the non Christian World
Christian Dynamics
The Father Heart of God
The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
World Religions
The Church
The Second Advent
Devotional Life
Discipleship Counselling
Practical Theology
World Missions
Theological Questions
Authority and Inspiration of Scripture

*In addition there are a number of seminars dealing with practical aspects of the Christian life.


We feel that one of the key ways in which to develop your relationship with Jesus is to study, understand and communicate the message of his Word, the Bible. That is why we have biblical teaching at the heart of all that we do at Capernwray. During the week you will hear up to twenty separate lectures interspersed with Bible study groups and private Bible reading sessions. If you were to attend our One Year School (combining Winter and Spring School) you would receive direct Bible teaching which would be the equivalent of 21-years-worth of teaching if you went to church once a week and listened to a 30-minute sermon.

We also believe that practical application is a vital element of Christian life. Therefore we provide a wide range of outreach activities that will take place throughout your course. We are confident that what you learn and practice at Capernwray will equip you in serving Jesus Christ in your local church, university or in your workplace. Capernwray Bible School offers a unique opportunity to gain a wealth of Biblical knowledge in a relatively short space of time and put it into practice.

Our mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ through biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service in His Church worldwide.


A lot of our students refer to Capernwray Hall as being a castle. Whilst in actual fact it is an 18th century manor house, it is nevertheless a marvelously wonderful and beautiful building set in some amazing surroundings. Flanked by rolling green hills and populated by numerous flocks of sheep and other local wildlife it really is an idyllic setting to reflect on God’s wonderful creation. We have carefully maintained many of the original features of the Hall such as the sunken garden, boating lake and croquet lawn. Over time we have developed the bedrooms, living areas and the dining room which all now adequately provide space for all our students. All these things really make Capernwray a special place to live and study.


Each year students representing dozens of nationalities attend Capernwray Hall. This international, interdenominational environment provides the opportunity for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the worldwide body of Christ. Students are divided into small groups for the purpose of outreach, study, practical work and personal interaction. In this setting students are encouraged to develop and use their God-given abilities, as well as learning how to live and work effectively within a team setting. The interaction between students from different countries and cultures brings an added dimension to spiritual growth and development.  Another unique aspect of Capernwray community life is the staff-student interaction.  It is much more relational than a typical college, allowing dynamic opportunities for both formal and informal discipleship.


Some may have heard of recent issues we have faced with UK Visas and Immigration, and be understandably concerned. However we want to reassure you ALL our courses are continuing to operate as before. Winter School which starts in September this year will be running as will the One Year Course and Spring School which starts in April 2018. There are still place available for all courses so please do consider completing your application form soon.

As a result of the issues mentioned above, there are now limitations on the students who can enter the UK to study at Capernwray for the One Year Course (requirements for the other courses are unchanged). To come for the One Year Course you now have to fulfil one of the following criteria:

you are an EU citizen; or
you hold an EU passport; or
students from Canada, Australia or New Zealand can apply for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa

Otherwise you are limited to a maximum period of 6 months, which will enable you to attend Winter Bible School or Spring Bible School.

For further information:


We are changing the way we run our Taster Weeks. We are going to open up the whole of Winter School and Spring School for you to choose which week you would like to come along to. We hope that our Taster Weeks will not only give you an opportunity to try Bible School before enrolling on one of our short-term courses, but will also allow you to come and study a particular book or theological topic if you are unable to commit to an entire programme of study at the present moment in time. Taster Weeks will you give you the chance to experience life at Capernwray, learn alongside other students and be equipped for all that God has for you in your church, place of study or work.

We have recently been assessed by Government inspectors.

Read their report below.

Any Questions?

Do I need a Visa to study at Capernwray Hall Bible School?

Some may have heard of recent issues we have faced with UK Visas and Immigration, and be understandably concerned. However we want to reassure you ALL our courses are continuing to operate as before. Spring School which starts in April this year will be running as will the One Year Course and Winter School which start in September 2017. There are still place available for all courses so please do consider completing your application form very soon.

As a result of the issues mentioned above, there are now limitations on the students who can enter the UK to study at Capernwray for the One Year Course (requirements for the other courses are unchanged).

To come for the One Year Course you now have to fulfil one of the following criteria:

you are an EU citizen; or
you hold an EU passport; or
students from Canada, Australia or New Zealand can apply for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa

Otherwise you are limited to a maximum period of 6 months, which will enable you to attend Winter Bible School or Spring Bible School.

For more information on visas, please visit If you have any related questions you can also email

I am taking the train from Manchester Airport to Carnforth. Where can I get travel information?

Train Journey Planner: [tip: you can use abbreviations for the stations: MIA to CNF]. You can buy a ticket at the station. Journey time is about 90 minutes. Try to choose a train time with no changes if you can! On arrival day we meet each train arriving after 2pm.

I am planning to travel by coach from Heathrow Airport to Carnforth. Where can I get travel information?

Coach travel information (National Express):
Alternatively contact the office at Capernwray, as we run a coach from London Victoria on the first day of each Bible School.

Is there an application deadline?

The deadline for applications for Winter School is the end of June if you need a student visa. If you would like further information on how and when to apply please send us an email to the
If you do not need a visa we can take applications up to a later date.

How can I get in touch with other students coming from the same area?

Some may wonder if there are any other students coming from their country or area that they could travel with. Due to the Data Protection Act we are unable to give out information such as addresses and/or email addresses. You may find it helpful to know that Capernwray Bible School has its own Facebook group for students coming each year so why not check out “Capernwray Bible School” and look out for the current year and link up with other students.

How do I pay my fees?

Once accepted you are asked to secure your place by paying a deposit (which is included in the total cost) within 60 days of the date on your acceptance letter. The balance may be paid either in full in advance or at the beginning of the first term. Payments can be made in pounds sterling by Transfer, Credit Card or a Bank Cheque.

How can I finance myself while in the UK?

You can use Visa/Mastercard or bring Sterling Travellers’ Cheques which can be cashed in our office (no fee payable). Travellers Cheques in other currencies will need to be cashed at the banks in Carnforth or Lancaster (fee payable to bank). If you are interested in opening a bank account, you can use the facilities of our local bank, the National Westminster Bank in Carnforth.

Can I have visitors to stay at the Hall?

Yes, you can. However, there is limited accommodation available for visitors during term time. You need to check availability and make bookings well in advance. There are also a number of B&B (bed and breakfasts) in the area. Why not take a look at (Capernwray Country House), (Chapel Lodge close by in the village of Over Kellet) or contact the Main Office for more information.

Can I stay at the School during term breaks?

There are holiday programmes during the Christmas break and between Winter and Spring Bible School. During this period students need to leave the Hall, they can either return home or travel. However, there is also an opportunity for you to stay, by joining the temporary staff either on the domestic, maintenance or guest teams. You will be given more information on work opportunities after the school begins.

Where can I store my things while travelling over Christmas break?

There is a storage room where you can leave your luggage over term breaks while you are away.

Can I bring my own laptop and will I have Internet access?

You are welcome to bring your own laptop to the school and many students find it helpful for taking notes and writing assignments. A wireless network will be available to connect to the Internet at specific times of the day. We have Apple iMacs that you can use to access the Internet free of charge but are only available at certian times of day. However, due to the number of students there is limited availability and you may not be able to use one of our computers every day. There are printers available in the ‘Reading Room’ to connect your own computer to, to print tickets, projects etc. Cables and printer drivers are provided.

What about receiving packages or letters?

All your letters should be addressed to ‘Your Name’, Capernwray Hall, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 1AG, England. Post is sorted and put into students’ mailboxes daily. Keep the value of these packages under the equivalent of £30 or they may be taxed on or even after delivery.

What Bible version do I have to bring for the Bible School?

There is no special requirement but many lecturers use the NIV or NASB. If English is not your first language, the NIV (New International Version) is easy to understand. Our bookshop has a good range of Bibles available to purchase on arrival.

I believe the UK Power supply is different – How does this affect me? A note too on power adapters.

The UK mains electricity supply is 230volt 50hz – you should find that your laptop’s power supply can handle this. You may need an adapter to convert your plug to a UK three pin socket, but we can loan you one of these from our main office for a small deposit. Electric Hairdryers and other similar equipment may need a transformer to change the voltage.
NOTE of EXPLANATION: Our mains sockets here in the UK are of a three pin rectangular variety and you may need an adapter if your home country uses round pins.  On the first Monday of school we will check all your electrical equipment for safety and correct voltage and we often find that some adapters are not safe to use.  This is because they have no fuse and the pins do not have a small black sleeve on them.  We would recommend not buying them in a shop before you come unless you plan to travel elsewhere in the UK, as here at Capernwray, any without a fuse or sleeves will be deemed not fit to use.  We will loan you a safe adapter for a £5 deposit, returned to you when you return the adapter.

What will the weather be like – what do I need to pack?

In the autumn, the weather is not too cold, but usually wet. Over winter the temperature drops considerably, warming in Spring. For Winter School you will need to bring warm clothing, good outdoor shoes, sports shoes (for use in the sports facilities), swimming costume etc, but remember, storeage space in rooms is limited, and airline baggage allowances vary. For Spring School, the weather is brighter and the days are longer, so bring clothing suited to milder weather. If you play a musical instrument that is transportable (eg, violin, guitar, clarinet), you may wish to bring that with you but make sure you have adequate insurance to cover loss or damage in transit and during your stay. We provide all bedding but you will need to pack your own towels.

How does attending Capernwray Bible School contribute to University credits?

Some students have found it beneficial in informing their University of the qualification they received at Capernwray when they apply. For example one student was awarded 34 American credits for his university application which saved him over $22,000 dollars in course fees. Another received 8 American credits which saved him around $4000. Each institution will award different credits based upon their own set criteria so we would advise you to contact your University in the first instance.

What are classes like?

The majority of teaching during Bible School will take the form of lectures where the whole student cohort will study together in the Conference Hall which will be between 150-180 students. The only exceptions to this will be a couple of separate male and female seminars that take place throughout the year and also the Friday morning seminars which are delivered to half the student body on alternating weeks. There are other group activities that students lead and attend as part of the course such as Interactive Groups and New Testament Discussion Groups. These groups are much smaller and have between 8 and 12 students in them.

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