Capernwray Outreach Fayre

Yesterday we hosted our very first Outreach Fayre which changes the way in which we organise outreach during our Bible School programme. In the past, students have attended local outreach events but this new initiative will foster even greater relationships between the students and the individual outreach hosts. The idea behind the fayre was to gather a group of local churches and Christian organisations who would benefit from the input of student volunteers in a variety of different outreach settings. This could cover a wide range of activities from helping out at weekly youth events to assisting with IT projects such as developing a new website or creating a social media presence. Once the different projects were established, we then invited the students to chat with representatives of the groups. This way we could ensure that students who have the appropriate gifts and talents are matched to a suitable placement.

The event was well received by all who attended. Seidel Abel Boanerges, Capernway’s Director of Outreach, said he “was greatly encouraged by the enthusiastic response of local churches and organisations to the idea”. He added that the Outreach Fayre “marked a new and exciting chapter in the history of Capernwray and their positive relationships with the local community”.


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