Amazing holidays for everyone

We have different styles of holidays as well as ones for all ages: youth holidays for 11-14’s, 14-17’s and 18-25’s, holidays for all the family together and ones that are just for adults. We even run holidays just for the men and the women separately. Some Capernwray holidays are centered around activities while others focus heavily on Bible teaching. Whatever your choice of holiday we are confident that you can find whatever you want at Capernwray.

Details of all our 2017 holidays below

2017 Holidays

Ladies | 18+


23rd March – 27th March 2018

6th April – 8th April 2018

Take time away from it all with other ladies. Relax, unwind and hear great Bible teaching

11–13 Year Olds


2nd April – 6th April 2018

For 11-13 year olds to have fun, make friendships and hear great Bible teaching about Jesus.

Adults | 18+


24th June – 1st July 2017

A variety of activities, trips and lots of fun with time for rest and our usual teaching programme. For adults of all ages.

Adults | 18+


2nd Sept – 8th Sept 2017

Join others who want to learn and apply biblical teaching to their life.

Families Of All Ages


1st July – 8th July 2017

8th July – 15th July 2017

5th Aug – 12th Aug 2017

12th Aug – 19th Aug 2017

Everyone is welcome. Along with age based Bible teaching sessions we have a full programme of activities.

Families Of All Ages


19th Aug – 26th Aug 2017

A fantastic week if you are parenting on your own. Separate teaching sessions for adults and children.  A full childrens’ programme

For 14’s–17’s


15th July – 22nd July 2017

22nd July – 29th July 2017

29th July – 5th Aug 2017

If you are aged 14+ you’ll find this week’s activities, teaching and approach all geared for you!

Adults | 18–25 Year Olds


26th Aug – 2nd Sept 2017

A great holiday week for 18-25 year olds full of friendship, teaching and relaxation.

Men | 18+


15th Sept – 17th Sept 2017

Join the guys who live and work at Capernwray along with others from around the country for teaching, fun, activities and time just to chat.

All Ages


23rd Dec – 28th Dec 2017

We welcome all ages to our home for Christmas. Children and adults are catered for in our festive programme of teaching and all that Christmas brings!

Adults | 18+

Choose your Holiday

28th Dec 2017 – 2nd Jan 2018

A new season has to come so let’s welcome it in style with others! From teaching to banquets – its all included.

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