Classic Thanksgiving Challenge

Perhaps this isn’t your culture, but back home for me, we have a holiday around this time called ‘Thanksgiving’. There is a bunch of history stuff in the holiday, but basically it was a time set aside to enjoy fellowship with one another and give thanks. I’d like to present to you this Thanksgiving Challenge that, funnily enough, I picked up here in England, when I was a student (I think it was a lecturer’s story of someone else who did this) :

At the end of each day, write down 5+ things you were thankful for.

That’s it! So easy right!

Actually, it can get quite difficult. Some days are just awful, other times we were too busy to take the time to reflect back on the day, whatever the ‘excuse’ it can be done… even if you have to pull out the ‘Thank You God that… it didn’t rain, I’m still breathing, for chocolate…’

Often I do this challenge one week before my own American Thanksgiving (and thus I am starting… today?!? I almost missed it… funny how time here just disappears), but you can do it whenever, for however long. I like being able to read back over my ‘thanks’ and find common things I am thankful for (This may surprise you, but my common things are often the simple things [i.e. a hug, warmth, talking to a good friend, a postcard, a song I heard, etc.]).

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