Looking forward to Refresh and Richard Dahsltrom


We are excited about our holiday season starting on Saturday 27 June and we are looking forward to listening to Richard Dahlstrom our guest speaker for the week. Richard was the speaker at the Torchbearers Staff Conference 2013 at Capernwray Hall and we were so inspired by his teaching that we asked him to come back. He came recently to teach the Book of Genesis to our Spring Bible School students and he was well received. He is coming back again this week to teach on the Book of Ecclesiastes. As a taster of what is to come during Refresh we have included a copy of one of his most inspirational lectures entitled ‘Take the Gravel’. Enjoy!


  • Robert Boyd

    Outstanding…consider myself a Genesis student…the angels are chuckling again. Anyway, loved the Hebrew word study “to make functional”.
    Also a testimony freak, thanks Soooo much for the Gravel story. I and the angels are chuckling about that one. We serve an AWESOME God.

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