Sit, Walk, Stand

We have started a new topic for our staff devotionals this past week.  We are adapting the series from the title of a book written by Watchman Nee called ‘Sit, Walk, Stand’. The basic idea behind the book is an exposition of the letter to the Ephesians under three main headings – SIT: our position in Christ, WALK: living life in the world, STAND: our attitude toward the Enemy. Our own series will be loosely based upon this idea as week to week various staff members share their thoughts on what it means to Sit, Walk and Stand in their own lives.

But this got me thinking about how it applies to the lives of out students who have been dwelling amongst us these past couple of weeks. We absolutely love having them here and it is amazing to be involved in young peoples lives as you suddenly see the lights being turned on. Most of them have come from good, solid Christian homes and have been attending church for most of their lives. However, once they step outside of that everyday normality and come to Bible School they are suddenly confronted with a faith check. They are taken out of their Christian comfort zone and have to really think about what they believe and more importantly why they believe it. I am really looking forward to seeing the spiritual development of another group of students this year.

In the past it has been a pleasure to see how students come and Sit, Walk and Stand at Capernwray. First of all they quite literally spend a lot of their time SITTING. They have six hours of lectures each day during the week which is a lot of information for a mind to consume. But it is amazing to observe the truth they have been absorbing start to bear fruit. You begin to see a transformation in their character and their attitude which can only be the work of God in their lives. They begin to WALK in the ways in which the Bible instructs them to and you can sense their peace and joy as they do so. The STANDING comes when they have to battle against old patterns of thought or when they are stretched to their limit on outreach, doing things they never would have imagined doing before. They wonderfully demonstrate the change which God has performed in their lives whilst being here.

I cannot wait to see the same things happening with this current group of students. So please join us in praying for them as they SIT, WALK and STAND at Capernwray this year.

  • Pauline Seaman

    So thrilled that you are using Sit,Walk,Stand by Watchman Nee! My father’s favourite book and mine too, along with The Normal Christian Life.God bless everyone at Capernwray where I found Christ on Wednesday 24th August 1958..

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