Week 2 - 2nd October : Derek Burnside, Paul Keeys, Rob Whittaker, Andy Thomas, Heather Ellershaw, Rob Whittaker, Phil Burt and Jonathan Halsey
Week 3 - 9th October : Kim Lee, Derek Burnside, Andy Thomas, Dougie Roy & Graih Lewin, Debbie Green with Jonny Bayes & Ali Demet, Rob Whittaker
Week 6 - 30th October: Sam Fiore, Children's Work Seminar Notes, Elderly Work Seminar Presentation
Week 10 - 27th November: Dave Bookless, Derek Burnside, Jonathan Halsey
Week 12 - 11th December: Mark Thomas, Rob Whittaker
Week 13 - 8th January: Andy Jack
Week 19 - 19th February
Week 22 - 12th March: Jonathan Halsey
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