End the summer with some serious Bible study in amazing surroundings

For Adults 18+

Saturday 2nd – Friday 8th September 2017
£230 per person with activities at Capernwray Hall.

£240 per person with Road Cycling included.

£250 per person with Sketching included.

£250 per person with Local Walks included.

Set aside a week this summer to be immersed in Bible teaching. You have the opportunity to return to the classroom in Summer Studies, not in preparation for an exam or to gain a qualification but we invite you to spend time as we learn more about God, His character, His life on earth as Jesus Christ and His call on our lives to tell others the Good News – God saves through Christ – the heart of the Gospel!

A typical day at Summer Studies:

07.30 Early morning swim (Optional!)
08.30 Breakfast
09.30 Lecture 1
10.40 Lecture 2
11.00 Morning Break
11.20 Lecture 3
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Beehive, Bookshop (for drinks and snacks), Pool, Sauna
14.00 Local trip, walk, Archery, Target Shoot
18.30 Evening Meal – BBQ on Friday!
20.00 Lecture 4
21.15 Beehive (for drinks and snacks), Pool, Concert

Paul Keeys

Paul Keeys is a regional Director of ‘Walk through the Bible’, a programme of study that enables people to grasp the whole story of the Bible within just six hours. Paul’s enthusiasm for Walk Thru the Bible began when he was just 11 years old when he saw its early growth in his home as his mum and dad established the ministry in the UK. Paul trained as a live event instructor in 2005 and has taught overview of the Old and New Testament regularly since then. Paul has been teaching this course for many years at Capernwray Bible School. He has also spoken a number of times on our holiday programme and has always been greatly received. Paul is a fantastic communicator and has a great ability to bring the pages of the Bible to life. When he’s not teaching or working in the office, Paul and, his wife, Jane love leading regular tours to the Holy Land which Capernwray is also currently partnering with our Introducing Israel: Land of the Bible holiday.

During Summer Studies Paul will be outlining the Big Picture of the New Testament through the following sessions:

  • Session 1 – The long awaited arrival
  • Session 2 – Ministry of the Messiah
  • Session 3 – Passion of the Christ
  • Session 4 – Start of the Church (Acts 1-12)
  • Session 5 – Expansion of the early Church (Acts 13-28 incl Epistles)
Derek Burnside

Derek Burnside currently lives in Exeter, England where for the last 21 years he’s served on the staff and leadership teams of Belmont Chapel, a large independent city-centre church.  Prior to that he was a regional staff worker in the South-West of England with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, and before that he taught Religious Education in a local secondary school.  In addition to his duties at Belmont he’s a trustee of Keswick Ministries, a ‘Minster at Large’ with the Partnership UK church network and teaches ‘A’ Level RE part-time at Exeter School.  He has a BA in English and Philosophy from Liverpool University, and a PGCE in Religious Studies and  MA in Theology, both from Exeter University. Since 2001 he’s been a regular guest lecturer at European Torchbearer Centres including Capernwray, Tauernhof, Bodenseehof and Holsby Brunn. He’s married to Penny, who currently works as an Education Officer for the Diocese of Exeter; prior to that she was the head teacher of a Devon Primary School for eleven years. They have no children, but do have a cat called Max. In Spring 2017, Derek will take up the appointment of Principal at Capernwray Bible School when Rob Whittaker our current Principal retires.

This week Derek will be speaking about ‘The glorious adventure of being ‘in Christ’’. It’s one of the New testament’s favourite ways to describe being a Christian, but what does it actually mean to be ‘in Christ’? The titles in this short series are likely to be:

  1. In Christ we are unshakably safe
  2. In Christ we are immeasurably loved
  3. In Christ we are fully equipped
  4. In Christ we are utterly transformed
Derek Burnide
Rob Whittaker

Rob Whittaker was born in Lancashire in the North West of England in 1946. Converted here at Capernwray Hall in his late teens, he took a degree in Physics before attending London Bible College and completing a Theology degree in 1972. Rob was, until 1997, Senior Pastor of Calvary Christian Fellowship, a church he and his wife planted in 1974 in Lostock Hall, a small mill town to the south of Preston. Beginning with 12 members and initially meeting in homes, the church family grew and met in a converted shoe factory, where in the early 1990ʼs they saw 450 people attending on a Sunday morning. In 1998 Rob joined the Capernwray Missionary Fellowship of Torchbearers and in 2001 became Principal of Capernwray Bible School. He preaches extensively throughout Europe in churches, Bible schools and conferences, and more recently his travels have taken him on numerous occasions to Australia, Canada and the U.S.A. He and his wife Barbara have two children, Zoe and Abi. Rob lists as his hobbies D.I.Y, walking in the mountains and reading detective novels. He is an ardent supporter of a little known football team based at Old Trafford! Rob’s passion is to take the life giving teaching of the Bible and mesh it with 24/7 living in a transforming friendship with Jesus.

For the third year running Rob will be continuing to teach his ‘Theology 101’ series, a subject which Augustine said “There is no subject, where error is more dangerous, study is more challenging and discovery more exciting than…. Theology!”

  • My time at Summer Studies was beautiful. I had time to relax, be fed spiritually and physically (the food was lovely!) and it was a great place to meet new friends.

  • My time at Summer Studies was beautiful. I had time to relax, be fed spiritually and physically (the food was lovely!) and it was a great place to meet new friends.

  • Summer studies was a refreshing and happy experience. I was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed the fellowship.


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