The first weeks of Spring School

The first week of Spring School is now passed and we’re already near the end of week 2. Time seems to move so much faster in Spring school, which in its entirety is 10 weeks. The first few days, I was told to go around with a camera to capture the student’s first moments. I found the task quite rewarding personally. I was able to meet new students, watch the interaction of returning students, plus get outside and enjoy the more sunny weather.

Some highlights from the first week:

  • Student trip to Chester
  • First Family Night (many of the family groups played introductory games and stayed up late getting to know one another)
  • We had Rob Whittaker start his lecture series on 1 John and Mark Thomas, his lecture series on Deuteronomy.
  • A football match, and later a impromptu game of frisbee, on the football pitch.

For myself, I’ve been motivated by how short a time left, to get to know students better this term. I’ve been eating more meals with them (which really helps with putting the names to the students), actually waking up for breakfast, and have been arranging more hang-out/meetings with a few.

For the old students, they find it difficult to balance with whom they spend time, wanting to welcome new students, but also to continue to grow in previous friendships. New students, feel a mixture of excitement and overload of information. With only one week completed, these feelings on all sides areย to be expected and have certainly been the case each year. I look forward to the weeks ahead… and certainly hope the weather holds up.


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