The Power of Post

There is a place at Capernwray Hall that you would not suspect to be at the center of activity. It is a quiet place, in which one can sit for an hour and have nearly everyone walk past at some point. I’m referring to the seating area under the Main Hall Lounge Staircase. There is, however, a particular time in a student’s day, that this specific area is to be avoided, for, as bees to honey, students swarm around the pigeon holes (an affectionate term to describe the cubby holes in which one receives their post). It amazes me, even now as staff, that finding you have post can bring such joy (even more so if it wasn’t something your ordered yourself online, just to feel like you got mail… I confess to having done this once or twice).

If I may ask something of you, dear reader, I would ask that you power off the device you are using to read this, ignoring all other communication devices for 5 min. and write a note. It is allowed to be one to three sentences (short). It can even be a picture. Perhaps… you want to do a super-combo of ‘short’ and ‘picture’ and send a postcard! Take some time today to look up from your devices, to look around your immediate surroundings, and leave a note of encouragement for someone. You may never fully realize the power that a simple letter can bring to a person’s day.

Sophia’s Simple & Snazzy Letter Writing Tricks:

  • Talk about what you did today/recently. Was there something that made you smile or laugh? What made you feel productive or valuable? Was there anything that frustrated you?
  • Was there something that made you think of the person in particular? For example: My mom loves hippo; when I saw a bookmark with a hippo on it, I thought of her (true story).
  • Did you see this person doing something kind or well? Often people are not appreciated enough or see that their efforts make a difference; tell them the difference that they, as an individual, make.
  • Instead of writing, ”I’m praying for you.”, write them your prayer as you would say it aloud.
  • Got a creative friend: Colouring pages, pop-up, candy/sweet attached, or a letter cut into puzzle pieces may be a fun alternative. That extra touch that says, ‘I put in a little fun and extra time to make you smile.’

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