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The start of Winter School 2016

We are nearly at the end of the first week of Winter School 2016 and it has been a pleasure to welcome 145 students through our doors. We have a great mix of nationalities this year which includes students from Japan, Kenya, South Korea and the Faeroe Islands. We are greatly looking forward to getting to know them all over the next six months and a big help in doing that is our first family night tonight.

Family nights are where a group of 8-10 students are assigned staff ‘parents’ and they go off and have a fun evening together. Tonight one group is going for a walk along the beach in Morecambe, another is baking and having a meal together and yet another are playing games and eating snacks. These events are great fun for both staff and students and are a fantastic opportunity for us all to meet and share our lives with one another.

Tomorrow everyone will be heading off into the Lakes to walk from Grasmere to Ambleside. If the exceptionally good weather we have been enjoying here this week continues then this will be an awesome trip for everyone. Then on Sunday our Deputy Principal Ian Ellershaw will be leading the Sunday Service. We will post his sermon here next week but in the mean time please listen to Rob’s introductory sermon from this week which is an encouraging message for us all.

What has also been encouraging this week has been the number of comments being shared on social media about the impact Capernwray has had on the lives of those who have studied here in the past. Here are a few from Instagram.


Three years ago I stepped foot into Capernwray Hall, and God changed my life there. While reflecting on my time at Capernwray these past few days, I’ve come to the realisation that I think I learned more about my faith, grew up in more ways than one, as a result of Capernwray – not necessarily while I was there. It’s hard to explain, it sounds silly when I say it out loud or write it down. But anyway, this place changed my life, and I thank God for that every day.

Katie Taylor


10 years. Wow. 10 years ago I embarked on what was the greatest adventure. The imprint Capernwray left on my heart is permanent. The relationships I made while there are everlasting. I remember my faith grew leaps and bounds at that castle in the hills. It is all so clear yet it feels like a dream.

Kelly Jeske


Wow!. What a year! One year ago today I had left Canada for 9 amazing months at Capernwray Hall. I’ve spent the day reminiscing on wonderful memories from this beautiful place in the English countryside. I’m so thankful for how real God became to me over the time I spent there. And I’m so thankful for the incredible friends who made my best memories and who also helped me become a better and truer version of myself. Today was the arrival day of this years students… praying they will also have an awesomely life-changing year.

Marie Weitzel


You may have noticed that the picture on the front page of our website states that Capernwray is a place where God changes lives. We used this statement because so many people over the years have said that God has changed them whilst they have been here.

If you have been a student here in the past then we would ask three things of you today.

  1. Share your experience of Capernwray with us by using the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.
  2. Tell somebody about Capernwray so that they too can come here and be changed by God.
  3. Pray with us that this years students would encounter God in a new and life-changing way.
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  • Alistair McPherson

    About children, it was Sir Ken Robinson who said, “If they don’t know, they’ll have a go!” In like manner, many have had “a go,” by stepping through the doorway at C. Hall. As a new Christian (18 months, 1989), God had already led me to fulfill a boyhood dream to work in Special Makeup FX,at Pinewood & Shepperton Studios. Yet, hearing about C. Hall through a dear friend also led me to “have a go” and step through that same doorway. Studying the Bible in-depth at such an idyllic setting gave a sure foundation for the rest of my life. On the eve before lectures, as the Principal spoke plainly about the Truth of “Christ in you” (Col. 1:27), I experienced an ‘awakening’ to the Reality of Christ’s Indwelling Presence (Col. 3:3). And who would have known by having “a go” that studying at C. Hall would change my life direction–even studying about Jesus at the doctoral level. Eternal friendships were forged at Capernwray. Shared precious memories of God’s Presence and blessings through community-life were realized: in lectures, family groups, the sharing of meals, and local outreach. It’s been said ‘that studying the Bible for 6 months at C. Hall is the equivalent of 38 years of weekly church sermons.’ The application of Ken Robinson’s statement means, for Christians, that because we “know” we can “have a go,” and collaborate with God–that others may come to “know” Him and likewise be changed.

  • Elisabeth Kent

    So glad to see Capernwray is still going strong! I was there Oct.1963 to March 1964. Certainly life changing. Met my husband there and together we went on to serve the Lord in what was then the Christian Colportage Association (now Outreach UK) which we were introduced to at Capernwray.
    Stuart Briscoe was one of our lecturers, also Major Ian Thomas and Mr Van Dooren— so many great memories. How much the work of building up young Christians is needed in these days of such great turmoil and increasing opposition to the gospel. God bless you greatly in this new winter shook

  • Tim Rokohl

    Love to hear Rob teach again. I attended Capernwray during the school year of 2008-2009. It has been an amazing journey since attending and I often think of lessons that I have learned since being there. I also have pointed many this direction as well.
    Thankful for how God has used this school and the staff over the years as students are sent back throughout the world!

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