Countless lives have been changed at Capernwray Hall by the Lord Jesus over the years, here are just a few…


One of the first ways in which people encounter God at Capernwray is through the physical environment. The lush green grass of the rolling hills and the surrounding wildlife often inspire people to worship the creator of it all. But more often than not it is the Bible teaching and the community life that impacts and changes people the most. It is a change that not only affects the students personally whilst they are here but is a lasting change that carries on into their lives once they leave and go back home. The change that God brings about in a persons life means that they are never the same again.

  • The community here made a big impression. We come from many nationalities from all around the globe but when we come together we are genuinely brothers and sisters. God brings us together. The best part about being here is you have a holistic development. You grow in all aspects of your life. You have assignments that academically pushes you to do work, socially you are pushed to organise stuff to get out with people. Everything just comes together into making you not only close to God but also develop good habits and grow in every aspect of your life.

    Alex Zamfir
    Alex Zamfir Winter School
  • The bible teaching at Capernwray has given me a new and fresh understanding of how to read and apply the whole Bible. In the past I would just read the New Testament for instruction and encouragement but now I have been given the tools and guidance so that I can use the entire Bible. This has been an amazing discovery because now I can see that God can speak to me through any part of his Word.

    Miriam Forster
    Miriam Forster Spring School

I have changed so much. I came to Capernwray shattered and broken but God has restored me. He has equipped me to go back home with a deeper understanding of who I am, who He is and how much He loves me. And now I am ready to share that truth with others.

Being changed at Capernwray is more than the mere acquisition of theological knowledge. It is recognising that the Christian life is a life lived through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is all about discovering a real and living relationship with the one who has created us, rescued us and lives in us.

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