We greatly value the various ways in which you can help support the ministry of Capernwray Hall



Thank you for your interest in our volunteer programme. We value our volunteers and appreciate their commitment to the ministry of serving while they are here.

For all of our volunteers, there will be opportunities to attend lectures and be involved with the student and guests’ programmes when you are not helping out.


In the breaks between Bible School terms, volunteers join us to serve guests at our Holiday Conferences.

In Spring break, volunteers join us between 20 March to 9 April.

During the summer, volunteers join us for between 6 weeks and 3 months.

In Christmas break, volunteers join us between mid-December to the end of the first week of January.


During Winter and Spring Bible School we have around 15 volunteers who commit to serving students and guests for either 12 months or 6 months.

Long Term volunteer staff serve through Bible School and stay on for our holiday conferences. These volunteers will serve alongside and show new volunteers and students their responsibilities so it is important for the long term volunteers to have a good level of English in both understanding and communicating.


Driver: from September 2018 to June 2019

The driver position consists of driving guests and students to and from the nearby town and then driving students to outreach opportunities, for medical appointments etc. You need to be at least 21 years of age, have held a full driving license for more than 2 years. As our vehicles are all manual, we ask that you have experience driving a cars with manual gearbox. It is preferable that you are European and have driven in the UK and if you have driven minibuses or vans that would be helpful but not necessary.



Please use the form below to ask any questions about volunteering at Capernwray Hall. Once we have received your message we will be back in touch to answer your queries.

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As a Christian Bible School and Conference centre, we strive for unity, courtesy, respect and harmony within our staff. We believe that attendance at our weekly staff Bible Study and attendance at the Sunday Services contribute to spiritual well being of our volunteers as well as enjoying Christian fellowship with one another. It is our expectation that every volunteer attend.

Our volunteers work full days, often in shifts, in food-service and housekeeping; maintenance and grounds, pool attendant and IT. They get one and a half days off per week. They receive meals and dormitory accommodation. During Bible School and Conferences, volunteers are also free to attend lectures when not working. Also, during Bible School, each volunteer is allocated to a student family group which is led by a permanent member of staff and should be prepared to help in any way to contribute to the group.


Capernwray cannot offer payment to our volunteers but we can help with travel expenses from your home to Capernwray Hall. If a volunteer is here for less than six months, we will reimburse for travel expenses of up to £15 per week for the time a volunteer is here. For instance, if a volunteer is here for four weeks, we will reimburse up to £60 or if a volunteer is here for 8 weeks, we will reimburse up to £120 against travel receipts – £15 each week during the volunteers stay with us. If a volunteer is here for more than six months, we will reimburse for travel expenses of up to £25 per week for the time at Capernwray. For instance, if a volunteer is here for six months, we will reimburse up to £600.00 against travel receipts. We have a minimum age of 18 for our volunteer staff.



We don’t know what’s drawn you to this section of our website. Maybe in the past you’ve spent time at Capernwray Hall as a guest, Bible School student, or you’ve seen the evidence of God’s work in the life of one of your children or friends as a result of their time here. Whatever the reason, we appreciate you taking the time to consider supporting our ongoing ministry. We have an incredible privilege of seeing God at work changing lives, and any gift you are able to make will help make this possible. Most of us will never see the fruit of this giving, but you can be assured that one day you will meet those in heaven who will tap you on the shoulder and thank you for what was made possible through your giving. If you wish to make a gift or just find out more please choose from one of the following selections:


If you wish to make a donation to our work then click the donate button below. This will take you through to our secure online payments page. Please select donation from the list. Alternatively you may wish to donate through Paypal, this can be done by using the button below.


If you wish to give regularly, please download a standing order form, complete and return it to:
Phil Burt
Capernwray Hall


Supporters from the USA can obtain tax benefit by sending their gifts through Torchbearers USA P.O. Box 3340, Estes Park, CO 80517, USA.

Similarly supporters from Germany can obtain tax benefit by sending their gifts through Klostermühle, 56379 Obernhof/Lahn, Germany.

If you have a specific project or person you wish to support, please ensure we know about that:

  • Capernwray Hall Building Fund
  • Capernwray Bible School Student Sponsorship Fund
  • Overseas Ministry, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, other
  • Support a holiday guest
  • General Gifts

You may also give directly to Capernwray Hall using IBAN
Reference: GB97 NWBK 010160 94905924

Leaving a legacy

Your Will is one means of ensuring that the priorities in your life, your family and your loved ones, are provided for. As such it demands your closest attention. But it is also a time to ask yourself if it could do even more than you thought? Could it also be a means of sharing your faith beyond your lifetime? Many supporters wish they could give more but are often limited, some because of pension income. On the other hand, many Christians are being blessed by the joy of making their final gift to the Lord’s work through a legacy. Their first responsibility is, of course (1 Timothy 5: 8), to look to the needs of family members. After that they are able to be very generous to their Church and the Christian organisations they have supported over the years. And this is a double blessing, firstly for the recipients but also as they experience the truth that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’.

If you would like more information, please e-mail us and we will get back to you.


Do you have shares for example from past privatisations, from your employer or from your building society when it became a bank? Giving the shares to Capernwray rather than the proceeds of their sale may give rise to particularly generous tax relief, especially if you are a higher rate taxpayer, or if the sale of your shares would give rise to a capital gains tax liability. Not only is the capital gains tax liability avoided, but you can deduct the market value of the gift from your income that is subject to tax. This can add further relief of up to 40% and may bring you a handsome tax refund!
The shares must be stock exchange listed but there is no minimum amount. Very small shareholdings held by standard rate taxpayers may however be better sold and the proceeds gift aided to charity because of dealing costs and capital gains tax exemptions that may apply.


What a great idea! While you’re shopping online, you can be supporting Capernwray at no extra cost to you!

If you go to your favourite retailers via easyfundraising, the company you’re buying from pays us a small percentage of your purchase. Includes many big names including Amazon, Next eBay, M&S, Argos, Boots, Comet, DELL, GAME and many more.

There are no catches, no extra costs involved – but you can make a small donation to us with every purchase. So have a look at easyfundraising today.



If you are a UK taxpayer and would like to make your gift go further, all you have to do is complete our Gift Aid form, return it to us and we will do the rest.

You don’t necessarily have to be working to be paying tax. Apart from tax on income from a job or self-employment, the tax you’ve paid could include:

  • tax deducted at source from savings interest
  • tax on State Pension and/or other pensions
  • tax on investment or rental income (including tax credits on UK dividends)
  • Capital Gains Tax on gains

Other taxes such as VAT and Council tax do not qualify, nor does any non-UK tax.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can claim relief equal to the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40 per cent and the basic rate of tax at 20 per cent on the total value of the donation – a total of 20 per cent and/or 25 per cent. So if you give £1 and are liable at the 40 per cent tax rate you could claim relief of 25 pence (20 per cent of the total gift, including Gift Aid, of £1.25). You can get more information from the HMRC or from your professional advisor.

Our mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ through biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service in His Church worldwide.



Much has been written about prayer, its need, importance and effectiveness, and we are grateful for those who regularly remember the work, staff, guests and students in prayer. We currently seek to keep you informed by means of our newsletters, which are produced either in printed form or by e-mail, on average four times a year. If you don’t currently receive these newsletters and would like to, then please contact us.


    Pray that we would be able to pay off the remaining amount owed for the new conference hall
    Pray that God would keep sending students, in particular we would like to see more British students and men in general
    Pray that we continue to have an impact in peoples lives and that Jesus is known through what we do



The Torchbearer Trust Fund helps facilitate many different activities at Capernwray Hall that would not happen without it. One of the main things we want to achieve with the fund it to enable people from disadvantaged backgrounds to come and spend time with us and learn more about Jesus. We have seen much benefit over the years of people who have been able to study as a result of the kind gifts through the Torchbearer Trust Fund. Every year we receive many applications for Sponsorship from students all over the world. The Fund allows for six or so students to be sponsored each year. It is always a delight to see how the Lord works in their lives whilst they are here and to see where He leads them. This Winter School we have sponsored a number of students from around the world. Without sponsorship, studying at Capernwray wouldn’t have been possible for them. Thank you in advance for your giving towards the lives of individuals who may serve the Lord in places and countries many of us will never have the privilege of visiting.


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