Alongside our focus on biblical teaching and practical training is the desire to see people transformed in the midst of a loving and caring community. Everyone who comes to study at Capernwray Hall immediately becomes a member of one big family. During their stay students will live in close contact with over 150 fellow students and around 50 members of staff. As a result at the end of their time here many people leave with lifelong friendships having been established with others from all around the world. To help foster strong relationships students are placed within family groups and interactive groups which meet on a weekly basis. There are also many outreach opportunities and evangelistic performances for the general public which also create positive experiences through which people can bond and form great friendships.



All students will be part of a Family group which includes and is led by two or three staff members. The groups meet for a time of praying and sharing together each Wednesday morning. Family group leaders also arrange occasional social events each term on a Friday evening. Family group leaders are genuinely concerned for students well being at Capernwray and are available to talk over personal matters.



These are student only groups, usually based upon nationality, designed to discuss key issues arising from studying at Bible School. The groups are student led and present a great opportunity for students to exercise leadership skills and facilitate peer discussion. They are also a great environment for sharing thoughts, ideas and understanding of key biblical principles and practice.



These groups look at and discuss issues surrounding the New Testament scriptures with a particular focus on the letters of Paul. These groups are also student led and provide similar leading and learning opportunities as the interactive groups. They are vital in embedding learning that has arisen during lectures and help students form practical patterns for life based upon the Bible.


We want to do our utmost to care for you whilst you are with us. We realise that every single one of us is different and that we come from a range of backgrounds and experience. That will mean that you may come to Bible School with a number of issues that you are already aware of. You may also find that as the course progresses and you begin to develop and deepen your relationship with Jesus that other issues may arise. We want you to know from the outset that we are ready and willing to assist you in any way that we possibly can.



Throughout the Bible School term we organise many social evenings and events which are designed to further enhance your community experience here at Capernwray. Students are invited to lead some of these events and provide a great opportunity for students to initiate and organise activities. There are also several sightseeing trips and outings offered during the year. You can go walking in the Lake District, enjoy the Roman cities of Chester or York, see live Premiership football, visit Liverpool, home of the Beatles! These trips are optional and therefore allowance needs to be made in your budgeting for the school. A typical day trip by coach to Chester or York would cost approximately £17. There are also travel weekends during Winter School and Spring School and breaks between terms, which provide opportunity to travel more widely.


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