Conference Hall VAT Update

This is now the fifth Winter School that has started in what we have termed ‘new’ Conference Hall, so it’s hardly new any more! Over much of that period we have been communicating with HMRC about the VAT liability which involved a tribunal hearing in April 2014. Since then we have been following another case (Longridge) which was based on similar arguments, with the hope that if they were successful through various levels of tribunal proceedings, we could achieve a similar outcome.

However earlier this year, this case was overturned and HMRC were successful in rejecting their appeal, which meant that unless we were prepared to pursue the case through at least three levels of court proceedings we would be unable to achieve success. As you can imagine this would be a very costly exercise, and, even though to date our legal team had very generously operated on a pro bono basis, we came to the decision we could not expect them to continue in this way. Therefore in light of the fact the costs would outweigh the VAT we could reclaim, regrettably the decision was taken earlier this to withdraw our claim.

We are extremely grateful for all who have supported us in prayer through this long process. We are also privileged to have many who have given and continue to give towards the project, to such a point that the outstanding loan on the Conference Hall is now only £42,740 and will be fully repaid during this year.

Thank you.

Phil Burt

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