It is now more than a year since we received the devastating news of the loss of our Tier 4 Sponsorship under which students from outside of the EU were able to come to study at Capernwray Bible School. We moved from having 152 students in December 2016 to just 91 in January 2017, but we are so grateful for the attitude of the students who were affected by this situation, and also to the Lord and those who gave for the provision of funds during this period. We started the current Bible School in September with 142 students and it is a delight to see the Lord clearly at work in the lives of this group.

The current situation is that most students from outside of the EU can enter the UK on a Short Term Study Visa which entitles them to study in the UK for up to 6 months. This is sufficient for Winter or Spring Bible School but not both. There are some exceptions which apply to countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and a few others, where students can obtain a Youth Mobility Visa which allows them to come the UK for up to 2 years and some students have come on this basis this year.

We are now looking forward to the coming Spring School. We currently have around 90 students enrolled and would long to see this increase to at least 120 by the time term starts in April. If you know of any who might be considering applying, please bear in mind we are still able to offer 25% sponsorship for UK students through the generosity of Moody Bible Institute UK. Equally with the value of the pound being so low against other major currencies, now is a wonderful opportunity to come from overseas to study. In November we had our second visit from the Schools Inspection Service, who not only confirmed we are fulfilling all requirements, but described us as being ‘in particularly good health’. They were particularly impressed by the standard of our teaching and pastoral care, and by the very positive feedback they received from our students. For any who may wish to read their report you can find it on their website (

If you’re not sure whether Bible School is right for you, or perhaps you would value a week’s teaching in a beautiful part of the UK, why not look at our Taster Week options. We’d love to have you come and experience a week of Bible School for yourself ( )

We are exploring the possibility of introducing a more academic stream to our courses, which would help us to re-obtain Tier 4 sponsorship – should we decide to re-apply. Please do pray for Derek and the team as they consider the best way to satisfy UKVI requirements and attract more students without compromising the freedom to proclaim the centrality of Christ.



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