Summer Studies


Summer Studies is a good combination of three Bible teaching lecture series from three different teachers. After a welcome on Saturday we ease into Sunday with two teaching sessions – and then Monday comes. Three lectures in the morning and one evening session ensures that we quickly gain momentum in taking in a lot of teaching in a short space of time. And then the afternoons…. we need to relax, or be active. Some want to sit and process, others prefer to get out and exercise. We are all different – and so this week offers various options to suit you. Summer Studies delivers the teaching to equip you along with the afternoon and late evening activities for you to enjoy. You can relax in the pool and sauna or walk the grounds or chat in the coffee shop.

PLUS – if you want some more structure to the week then add on an option to get you walking, cycling or developing your artistic or musical talents.

Intermediate Worship Guitar Course (Led by Simon Nelson): We want to see you gain in guitar playing ability and confidence – bring your own guitar and your desire to learn! Over 4 x 90 minute lessons and 5 x 20 minute practice sessions the course leader – Simon Nelson ( will take the group from their prerequisite knowledge of the main guitar keys (C, G, D, A, E) and basic strumming rhythms and move you through learning more complex chord structures (7th chords, and chords with different bass notes). Altered chords (such as Dsus2 and Dsus4), the concept of transposing songs from ‘difficult’ to “guitar friendly” keys plus the use of capos will all be covered. Rhythm exercises become more complex and funky; a number of worship songs that use more complicated rhythm patterns are used with various finger-picking patterns presented.

By the end of Summer Studies you will have built up a repertoire of techniques and worship songs, including songs by Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Brian Doerkson, Dave Bilbrough, Chris Tomlin, Bethel Music, Hillsong and Martin Smith. We want to equip you so that you continue to lead worship songs in the context of a home group or prayer group. More diligent students could begin or continue to play in a church group – being able to make an improved contribution to the musical life of your church.

Low Level Walks (led by Dave Carter): Join the teaching of Summer Studies morning and evening, and get out and walk in the afternoons! Fresh air and footpaths. Cairns and Coffee shops. With this addition to Summer Studies we will enjoy low level walks, ending up in a tea shop somewhere (if you want!). Essentials you must bring: Walking boots, wind & water proof clothing, hat, gloves, backpack, water bottle and appropriate physical fitness!

My Art (Led by Rachel Cousins): Calling the Creative! Add to your Summer Studies teaching some time to express your creativity. Rachel, our artist shares her plans, “we’ll make a sketch book to draw or journal in.  We will create an individual cover using paint or other mediums and then stitch the book together.  Then we explore the house and grounds of Capernwray to find interesting things to draw or paint depending on personal preference.” Essentials you must bring: Art materials of you want – but we will have a selection available for you.

Road Cycling (Led by Ray Cousins): Enjoy and explore the western reaches of the beautiful ‘Way of the Roses’ cycle-way, from Morecambe Bay to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Cycling around 50 miles on a couple of longer trips, rest days and shorter trips included! Essentials you must bring: We will be cycling on paved roads and cycle-ways, best suited to road bikes. You will also need your helmet and wet weather gear.


Saturday 1 – Friday 7 September 2018

Age Range:

Adults 18+


£280 with Intermediate Worship Guitar Course
£265 with Local Walks
£260 with My Art
£260 with Road Cycling
£240 per person without options

Bible Teachers:

Charles Price

Derek Burnside

Ian Ellershaw

A Typical Day at Summer Studies:

07.30 Swimming Pool
07.30 Early morning swim (Optional!)
08.30 Breakfast
09.30 Lecture 1
10.40 Lecture 2
11.00 Morning Break
11.20 Lecture 3
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Beehive, Bookshop (for drinks and snacks), Pool, Sauna
14.00 Local trip, walk, Archery, Target Shoot
18.30 Evening Meal – BBQ on Friday!
20.00 Lecture 4
21.15 Beehive (for drinks and snacks), Pool, Concert

What our guests are saying about Summer Studies:

My time at Summer Studies was beautiful. I had time to relax, be fed spiritually and physically (the food was lovely!) and it was a great place to meet new friends.

Summer studies was a refreshing and happy experience. I was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed the fellowship.

Bible Teachers and Topics:

Charles Price2 Corinthians: Trials, Testing and Trusting

Paul’s second letter to the church in Corinth was packed full of godly wisdom on how to live in a turbulent world. Although the culture may have changed the challenge is still the same. Join us as we unpack this letter and practically apply it to our lives.

Ian EllershawThe Gospel of Mark

Mark’s account of the life of Jesus is the most succinct but yet still manages to pack in so much depth and detail about His ministry and mission. As we take a fresh look at this gospel we will encounter once again the challenge and comfort of our Lord and Saviour.

Derek Burnide
Derek BurnsideJeremiah: Fire in the Heart

Jeremiah worked in tough times, called by God to speak unpopular truths under darkening skies. He’s a compelling case-study in faithfulness, perseverance and obedience, a man who could ‘run with horses’ because the word of God was ‘in his heart like a fire’.

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