We believe that the Bible is the primary way in which God speaks to us today and we therefore hold it in the highest regard. All our lectures are grounded in faithful exposition of the scriptures and we aim to cover a wide range of biblical books throughout the whole year and try to strike a balance between the two testaments. For instance, in Winter School students are currently taught from the Old Testament books of Genesis, Ecclesiastes and 1 Samuel, and from the New Testament books of Luke, Romans and Hebrews.


Alongside these direct biblical teaching sessions we also address a range of theological topics throughout the year which include Prayer, Evangelism, Apologetics and the Church. The vast majority of this teaching will be delivered as lectures in our conference hall. The lectures last approximately 50 minutes each and there will generally be four sessions in the morning before lunch and two sessions at night after the evening meal.


A typical daily programme:

09.00 – Sermon on the Mount: Cristi Murgu
09.55 – Gospel of John: Rob Whittaker
10.40 – Coffee Break
11.00 – Gospel of John: Rob Whittaker
11.55 – New Testament Discussion Groups
12.40 – Announcements and Lunch
13.30 – Duties and free time
17.30 – Evening meal
19.00 – Holy Spirit: Derek Burnside
20.00 – Worship and Old Testament Reading
21.00 – Supper

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We feel that it is vitally important that our biblical teaching is not separated from the demands and challenges of everyday life. Consequently the majority of our visiting bible teachers come from a variety of current or recent ministry backgrounds. Although their roles may range from local church pastors to international evangelists they all bring a wealth of personal experience which enriches their teaching and practically equips the students. We are confident that the level of teaching we offer will not only mentally stretch students minds with theological truths but will also move their hearts towards our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and compel them to serving him wherever he calls them.


We believe that it is vital for students to put the training and equipping they receive here at Bible school into practice. As a result there is the opportunity for all students to participate in a range of outreaches throughout their Bible school programme. This could be through prison ministry, senior citizens centres, Sunday schools, youth groups, open air work, school assemblies, classes and Christian unions, practical, social work and much, much more. We have great relationships with many local churches and their own outreach ministries provide us with further openings for student activity. In addition to this student teams often conduct Sunday services in churches both locally and further afield.


There is a 10 day outreach during the second term of Winter School in which all students are involved in working with a number of UK churches. In addition, from time to time there is the opportunity of being involved in the holiday programme at Capernwray or of going on a national or international missions trip.

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