Capernwray is a Christian Bible School and holiday centre based in North-West England.

We have long since recognised that Capernwray is a place where God changes lives. From our first guests way back in 1947, we have seen a continual stream of people through our doors who can testify to the Lord’s work in their lives whilst they are here. Without doubt the Lord is in this place. Capernwray is an ever expanding ministry and we offer two Bible School programmes as well as a wide range of Christian holidays for all ages and a fast growing mission programme.  In addition we have Sports facilities which are available for private hire alongside general public opening hours. We are confident that whatever the nature of your visit it will be filled with fun and smiling faces as well as an experience with a difference. Enjoy the facilities while you discover the Christ who still steps out of God’s Word. He will teach you, challenge you and promise to be what you need and the enabler for what you should be.


We run a number of regular events here at the Hall throughout the year including Night School and Open Day. Details of all these events can be found below.


Capernwray Night School is a fantastic chance to delve deeper into God’s word with some of Capernwray’s Bible teachers. Classes are held on Monday evenings from 7pm-9pm in our dining hall. Each week there will be two lectures that each last for 50 minutes with a coffee break in between from 7.50pm–8.10pm. Details of lecturers and their topics for 2017-18 can be downloaded below.

If you would like to register your interest in attending please use the button below to send us an email telling us your name, phone number, email and postal address. We can then contact you when further information becomes available.




A fun day out for the whole family! Open Day 2019 will take place on Saturday 25th May, from 2pm to 5pm, and is an opportunity to come and find out more about Capernwray Hall, Capernwray Bible School and our Capernwray Holiday Programme.  We have many activities which run throughout the afternoon including the new zip-wires and gaga ball competitions. There will be a couple of performances during the day from our ‘International’ Bible School students. We will also be serving refreshments in our Dining Room. Why not come along and join us?

Further information from our office by calling 01524 733908 or email us. Tickets not required, but some activities will be restricted by numbers and demand and there may be a small charge for some items. We would really appreciate it if you could advertise the event in your church or local community. Please use the slide graphic for presentations below or print off a flyer.


Capernwray Hall has an interesting history from being a Manor House for one family to being a home for thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ.


For anyone visiting the centre of Lancaster, three parallel streets at right angles to the Town Hall may have little significance. George Marton was Lord Lieutenant of the County of Lancaster in the early part of the 19th century — a position of some importance as his coat of arms in the Lancaster Castle might indicate. His wife was called Lucy; hence the names of the three streets: George Street, Lucy Street, and Marton Street. Maybe it was she who suggested they had a country house in keeping with their social standing.

The Stately Home – Servants, Silver, Snooker

Edward Sharpe was the architect, and in about 1820, Capernwray Hall became the stately home of the Marton family, built at that time for a family of 5 with 30 servants. The whole estate was much larger than just Capernwray Hall, comprising some 27 or so farms in the area, plus Borwick Hall just down the road. In those days what is now the lounge was the library, with floor-to-ceiling books; the library was their lounge; rooms 19, 20, and 21 were servants’ quarters, the laundry area was a game kitchen where pheasant and hare were hung up high over stone sinks, and part of what is now room 32 and the cleaning store was where butter was churned. What is now the Quiet Lounge was a billiard room (you can make out the outline of the square stone slabs on the floor where the billiard table stood) and the gentlemen who played snooker would retire through the oak-panelled door at the far end to the smoking room which is now a study. The room next to what is now our main office served well as the servants’ dining room as the butler could not only keep all the silver in the safe in what is now the inner office, but could see when the guests arrived at the front door with their coach and horses. Horses that were owned by the family were kept in what is now the Beehive and of course in the Stable (hence the name). The hay loft was immediately above, behind the circular windows in the courtyard.

The Hall
The Marton Family
The first German group
Gladys Aylward pays a visit

One Medium-sized Family Residence for Auction

During World War II, the Marton family was reduced to just Mrs. Marton who lived alone at Capernwray, along with a few servants. Into the Town Hall at Lancaster on the day of the auction in 1946 came a reluctant Mrs Joan Thomas, little knowing or realising the full significance that day was going to have for her, her family, and for thousands of people from every corner of the world. Her Bible reading that morning had been Psalm 31 (note v.8).

Under The Hammer

Having engaged in many evangelistic campaigns with men like Tom Rees and Alan Redpath in the years before the war, Major Ian Thomas was at that time serving with the British Army in Germany. Longing for a place where young people could come for not only a good holiday, but somewhere they could hear clearly the claims of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives, he sent a telegram to his wife, asking her to go and bid for Capernwray Hall at the auction. Being, as Mrs. Thomas said, an obedient wife, she attended the auction with a friend of the family who would bid on her behalf. Together they scraped together a few war savings and when the bidding reached the limit they had previously agreed, for just a minimal additional amount, Capernwray Hall became the property of the Thomas family. Psalm 31 was read again that evening with particular emphasis on the last verse, “Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your hearts all ye that hope in the Lord.”

The Thomas Family
Winter School students
Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 15.10.28
Holiday guests

The Story Goes On…

Since then, the feeding of the five thousand has been lived out. Many, many people have been fed by the Bread of Life ministered through Torchbearers. Through Capernwray’s doors have come thousands of people including helicopter pilots, ex-nuns, jockeys, future diplomats, nurses, computer programmers, plumbers, teachers, carpet layers — people from every land, background, and tongue… and the story goes on…

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